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Pre Fabricated Piping Spools

The prefabrication of pipes is a form of construction moved forward into the production plant, using isometries, piping plans and models. By directly processing our pipe here at the plant, we optimise the quality of the pipes and supply you with ready to lay or ready for installation products at adequate prices. We produce spool for Power cycle Piping, Oil & Gas & Petrol Chemical Plant Piping, Boiler Integral Piping, Balance of Plant Piping, Gas Compressor Piping, Turbine Integral Piping, Riser & Downcomer Piping, Gas and Steam Turbine Piping, Cooling Water & Lube Oil Piping


Vapsum’s manifolds are a compact, easy to install system; serviceable on site by using special, repairable valves; a long-life system, especially the valves; a single source, easy to specify system; a quality product. Flow manifolds distribution in the lateral branches of dividing, combining, reverse, and parallel flow manifold systems is studied both analytically and experimentally. Manifold fabrications include; Distribution and main utility routing manifolds, Valve distribution manifolds, Pulled-port or welded-tee manifolds, Multi-axis port orientations,Multi-size port configurations, Can include instrumentation ports and fittings.

Modular Skids

VAPSUM offers tailor made skid mounted modules. Similar to all our products this product follows the idea of reducing installation time on site and offering a superb solution for the needs of the customer. We produce special components for your system solutions! We prepare with Portable design, Small footprint, Gathered connections, Controlled assembly, Factory acceptance testing (FAT) completed, Accessible layout. This is far more economical than field assembly and assures timely supply and workmanship of quality.


VAPSUM offers advanced Modular Piping Solutions for Pipe Rack and Processing structures. Modular Rack System offers numerous advantages over the conventional solutions. These systems find wide range of applications in Refinery / Petrochemical, Natural Gas, Energy, Shipping, Defense projects etc. Some of its unique features include; Efficiencies in cost and materials, Robust designs with scalability, Reduces field labor and risk associated with time, Faster to install and commission, Lower welding cost, Coatings, heat tracing insulation and instrumentation are performed in the shop environment, Safe and rapid to erect.


VAPSUM team is well experienced in design and fabrication of process equipment. We are particularly accomplished in high-value applications and custom solutions in one-off pieces or small runs. We are very accommodating in terms of dimensions required - our workshops have seen the manufacture of everything from small to large equipment in an astonishing range of materials. Equipment we can produce includes; Vessels - Pressure vessels - Shell and Tube Heat exchangers, Re-boilers, Evaporators, Distillation Columns, Coalescer and Atmospheric Vessels - Seal Pot, KOD, Vapour liquid separators, Closed drain vessel, Indirect water bath heater

Specialised Manufacturing

Your process is unique, and sometimes that means a commodity solution isn’t available. Don’t worry. We use the most up-to-date production methods and equipment to build custom fabricated item to meet your exact requirements and to the highest quality standards. VAPSUM will deliver your finished product, done right, on time and on budget. Our internal fabrication team, coupled with our network of advanced manufacturers and suppliers, has the capacity to create everything from tiny to large-scale, customized, industrial-size processing systems.